The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation is proud to give its support to the « Dancers for the World »

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation is now supporting the action of « Dancers for the world »: Since 2015, « Dancers for the world » has been working on relieving and empowering vulnerable people through dance worldwide.

« Dancers for the world » is using dance and performing arts in the full scope of its possibilities from humanitarian action to immersive and multidisciplinary productions with award-winning artists, from online educative platforms to the support of young underprivileged talents.

Through their platform, presence on the field in camps, hospitals, and prisons, through partnerships but also by inviting audience to an active way of living art, they are aiming to bring the support of art to each and every one.

DFW Believes Dance and Performing Arts cultivate physical and mental health, develop resilience, empower the most vulnerable and support peace building through the creation of independent and creative human beings

DFW is a UN partner Organization and works on developing new solutions for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We are very proud to bring our support to DFW, as part of our mission to promote ballet and dance through the world.

We are strongly impressed by their engagement of empowering through music and dance the most vulnerable, children, women and young adults in times of crises.

Consult their website to know more about them: